BLACKPINK’s Jennie Reveals Why She Carries This Hair Clip Around With Her—The Reason Will Melt Your Heart

She is the sweetest!

As promised in her Instagram story, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie released a second video onto her YouTube channel!

In this new video, Jennie took us through her busy schedule that included her getting prepared for THE SHOW.

When sitting with fellow BLACKPINK member Rosé, Jennie accidentally clipped her pants with her hair clip and sadly exclaimed, “Omg! My pants got clipped! This is one of my favorite jeans. I’m so upset right now.” Poor Jennie!

Jennie then revealed that the hair clip was one she never used but always carried around. Jennie informed Rosé, “I don’t use it on my head. There’s a reason why I carry this around though.

Though it sounds weird to not use a perfectly good accessory, Jennie shared a heartwarming explanation.

There’s a part in my rap where I say, ‘Every time I blink!’ So I have this. ‘You could see it in my eyes, like every time I blink. And that’s about BLINKS, so I had this on me all day.

— Jennie

For those who don’t recognize the lyrics Jennie referred to, the lyrics are from Jennie’s “SOLO (Remix)” that she performed on THE SHOW.

Though the item has a cute significance to Jennie, it sadly poked a hole in her favorite jeans: “It just made holes in my pants.

Nonetheless, Jennie probably loves the clips just the same because she loves her BLINKS!

Check out the moment below: