Netizens Believe BLACKPINK’s Jennie Entered Her “Legendary” Visual Phase After These Photos Emerged

This is one of her most gorgeous looks yet!

It’s official: According to netizens, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has reached the peak of her visuals!

Jennie was chosen as the model for CHANEL’s Coco Neige global campaign and attended an event at the pop-up store. However, her flawless visuals and styling stole the show.

Many fans believe Jennie suits the vibes of CHANEL perfectly, as she matches the brand’s classy yet charismatic vibes.

In the past, rocking CHANEL has earned her nothing but praise — and her time spent at the pop-up event was no different!

Not only her fashion, but also her hair and makeup styling were praised for being one of her “legendary” looks.

We can expect both fans and non-fans to bring back Jennie’s gorgeous, timeless look!

Source: Nate Pann