Netizens Defend BLACKPINK’s Jennie After Criticism For Her “Exposing Outfit” During The Group’s Recent “BORN PINK” Show

“Jennie is an adult and doesn’t need your approval…”

BLINKs have recently come to the defense of BLACKPINK‘s Jennie after a viral video received malicious comments about the idol’s stage outfits.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Jennie has always shined with her outfits, no matter what she’s doing or where she is.

In particular, Jennie’s outfits for the BORN PINK shows have caught the attention of fans. Whether it was sexy or ballet core, the looks definitely reflected Jennie’s growth as a person and an idol.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram
| @jennierubyjane/Instagram
| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

A video on TikTok had become a hot topic after BLINKs came to the defense when Jennie’s outfit was criticized.

A recent video on TikTok has become a hot topic, and it comes from BLACKPINK’s recent concert shows. Unsurprisingly, the OP of the video was using the account to share a cute moment from Jennie during the show.

| @ch_blackpink/TikTok
| @ch_blackpink/TikTok   

Many comments pointed their attention to the idol’s outfit: a short skirt and shorts. While it was a normal look to wear on stage, fans seemingly pointed out a moment of exposure.

In the comments, some netizens seemed to find Jennie’s outfit problematic and shared their more negative views on the look and how inappropriate it was for a concert.    

While the negative comments received very little engagement, they were enough to spark a stream of comments defending Jennie from the “haters.”

For many, Jennie is a grown adult and can make her own choices, and she shouldn’t be criticized for how she dresses. They also pointed out that Jennie has modeled for Calvin Klein and has worn more revealing outfits, which also shouldn’t be criticized.

Others pointed out that it wasn’t the skirt that was the problem but how people were viewing it. For many, it is a reasonable outfit and has no issues, but netizens pointed out that those who saw a problem with it were the issue, not Jennie.

While the BLACKPINK members are idols and have expectations, netizens believe many fans forget they are adults. While certain looks would’ve worked when the members first debuted, their group has matured, which is reflected in their looks.

You can read more about BLINKs defending BLACKPINK on their style choices below.

Netizens Defend BLACKPINK After Criticisms Of Dressing Too “Sexy” And “Revealing” During Recent Schedules

Source: @ch_blackpink/TikTok and Insight Kr