BLACKPINK’s Jennie Is Spotted At A Designer Brand’s Afterparty In Paris — And It’s Not One She’s Officially Affiliated With

While some BLINKs were confused, Jennie’s attendance made sense!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie had fans intrigued after being spotted at a designer brand afterparty in Paris, one that she isn’t officially affiliated with.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Since debuting, Jennie has become an ambassador for huge brands and has been spotted at events for designers like Calvin Klein and Chanel.

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| @jennierubyjane/Instagram
| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Yet, netizens were shocked to see photos circulate revealing that Jennie had allegedly attended a Balenciaga event in Paris.

Jennie is in Paris for Fashion Week and has seemingly been enjoying her time there, including going to see Lisa‘s Crazy Horse performance.

On October 2, photos were shared and BLINKs revealed that it was snaps of Jennie attending the brand’s afterparty to celebrate the show that took place on October 1. While the photos weren’t very clear, many BLINKs could tell it was Jennie from her hair and outfit.

It was later seemingly confirmed when BLINKs found the OG owner of the photos sharing that Jennie had attended.

While many seemed confused about Jennie attending, especially as the idol represents many designer brands but not Balenciaga, the quote retweets shared why it made perfect sense. In particular, many BLINKs noted that Jennie’s friends, including Haze, Fai Khadra (who had his model debut), and Rachel Senott attended.

As always, Jennie makes sure to find ways to support her friends. While BLINKs wouldn’t hate the idea of Jennie working with Balenciaga, it seems like the idol was just there to support her friends.

You can read more about Jennie’s time in Paris below.

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