BLACKPINK’s Jennie Can Do Anything…Except Getting A Dog To Pick Her

She couldn’t believe it.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is a certified pro-idol with her incredible vocals, rapping, and dancing skills. She’s the type of person who’ll get whatever she wants through hard work or impressive luck.

Jennie, however, couldn’t win when it meant being chosen by an unbiased dog! In Episode 9 of 24/365 with BLACKPINK, the girls visited a Korean shop that specializes in dog and cat treats.

Jennie and Rosé both made pup-cat gimbap while Lisa and Jisoo cooked salmon muffins. They couldn’t help but stuff themselves with the food they made—which were thankfully also human grade—and the girls were impressed with their own cooking skills.

It was, unfortunately, a totally different story when it was time to see which of their creations pets liked best. BLACKPINK lined up and presented their food to Buckgu, the store’s mascot dog. Though Jennie and Rosé both made gimbap, Buckgu picked the latter’s food first!

The second round was probably the most painful for Jennie as she celebrated her win too early. The dog sniffed her food, turned away, and picked Lisa instead.

Finally, Buckgu ran to Jisoo in the last round, leaving Jennie as the loser of the game who couldn’t believe her bad luck.

Though Buckgu didn’t pick Jennie’s gimbap, hopefully her very own dogs, Kai and Kuma, will enjoy their mom’s food!

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Check out the full episode below!