BLACKPINK All Have Their Own Driving Styles, And They’re Strangely Accurate

Jennie is CONFIDENT.

BLACKPINK released the seventh episode of their reality show 24/365 With BLACKPINK on August 15. After celebrating their 4th year anniversary in a chaotic way, they again showed their fun side in a kart racing episode.

Through this episode, BLINKs got to see the driving styles of each BLACKPINK member. Check them out below!

1. Lisa

First off, Lisa is a slow driver. She didn’t even speed up when approaching the relatively easy finish line.

She ended up last place among the girls with a score of two minutes and nine seconds. Despite her slow time, her bright energy and calm demeanor were commendable!

2. Rosé

Contrary to her sweet looks, Rosé is actually a reckless and violent driver. Her first time on the track saw her going off-course onto the grass beside the road.

She didn’t fare much better in the second round, drifting to avoid the grass in the so-called “Rosé Zone”. At least she was relatively fast at one minute and forty eight seconds, and she definitely enjoyed the round!

3. Jisoo

Jisoo, meanwhile, is a stable driver that matches her responsible personality. She originally appeared slow and uncaring of her speed in the practice run…

…but she was actually a fast driver! With smooth cornering and a big smile on her face, Jisoo was the dark horse of the team. She ended up second place among BLACKPINK with a score of one minute and forty two seconds.

4. Jennie

Finally, Jennie is a fast driver! The track’s curves were a breeze for her as she passed each corner with ease. She was calm and in control at all times to the point where she dismissively told Lisa, “Bye!” when passing her in the team race.

She finished with a time of one minute and thirty six seconds in the individual race. Considering that a “pretty good score” according to the instructors is between one minute and twenty seconds and one minute and thirty seconds, it’s not a stretch to say she’s a go-kart prodigy!

Check out the full video below!