BLACKPINK Picked Their “Frozen” Characters For A Video, And It Was The Definition Of Chaotic

Nobody wanted to get Kristoff.

The sixth episode of 24/365 With BLACKPINK was released on August 8, a special day for the group as it marks their fourth year anniversary!

The girls had a jam-packed day being the stars of interviews, photoshoots, and even an audience with a magician. More importantly, one of the highlights of the show was their gift for BLINKs: a dance practice video with fun costumes.

You know how we always film our dance practice video in a proper way? We thought if we wear something cute and film it, our BLINKs will like it.

— Jisoo

This time, they got to pick their costumes from the famous Disney movie Frozen.

There were four characters they could choose from: Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Kristoff. The girls were nervous when picking the piece of paper that would dictate their roles, wanting to get the two female roles most. After a game of rock-paper-scissors, Jennie and Lisa had the honor of picking first.

It turned out that this was not a great advantage, however, as the two rappers got the short end of the stick! Rosé, who was last to pick her character, was first to reveal the name on her paper.

I have a bad feeling it’ll be Kristoff.

— Rosé

To her immense luck, she actually picked Anna! The other members broke down as they wanted the role as well.

Jisoo further caused a major frenzy when it was revealed that she got Elsa—it even seemed like Lisa’s soul was leaving her body from the shock.

As the last two options were the less desirable Olaf and Kristoff, the rappers of BLACKPINK decided to open their papers together…

…and two different chaotic reactions ensued. Lisa was just happy to get Olaf, the loving snowman who acts as a companion to the other three.

Jennie, however, stood desolate in place. Despite picking her paper first, she ended up playing a male character in the form of Kristoff.

She playfully chased Jisoo to grab her paper with Elsa on it as this was the role she wanted most.

Thus, the “How You Like That” Frozen edition was filmed!

Although Olaf was rebellious…

…and Kristoff wasn’t as loving as usual…

…the video turned out fun and playful just like planned!

If you want to see more of BLACKPINK’s antics, catch the full episode below!