BLACKPINK’s Lisa Gains Love For Nailing NCT Taeyong’s Iconic “Kick It” Moves

She went the extra mile to nail all the signature details.

10-Year-Old Girl Group Brave Girls Achieve Their First #1 Ever With A 4-Year-Old Song

This is incredible 🤩

Netizens Categorize The Visual Line Of K-Pop Groups Into Each Of The Three Kingdoms

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Halsey, MAX, And Lauv Show Support For BTS In Light Of Racist Comments From BAYERN 3

Halsey, MAX, and Lauv make a stand for BTS and Asian communities.

GFRIEND’s SinB’s Date With ITZY’s Ryujin Has Everyone In Their Feels

It’s the friendship BUDDYs and MIDZYs needed.

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BTS’s RM Once “Caught Himself” When He Was Talking About His Food Preferences

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Twin Volleyball Players Accused Of Threatening Teammates With A Knife — Victim’s Parent Speaks Out On The Incident

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ITZY Wasn’t Ready For Ryujin’s BLACKPINK Fangirling

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According To CCTV Footage, Seungri Was With An Actress During His Alleged Gang Related Incident

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(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon Surprises With Her Healthy Body Despite Not Eating Vegetables For 22 Years

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What We’re Going To Miss About The Inkigayo “MinNaHyun” MC Trio

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Here Are The 7 Hilarious Roles BTS’s Suga Takes On When He Can’t Play Tennis

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