BLACKPINK’s Jennie Shares When She Feels Most Powerful, And Her Answer Reflects What She Truly Values In Life

Jennie is always sweet and humble, making her the perfect queen.

In a recent Ask Me Anything video with ELLEBLACKPINK‘s Jennie was asked when she felt the most powerful, and her answer reflects her sweet and humble personality.

| ELLE/YouTube 

For Jennie, when she’s on stage with her members as BLACKPINK is when she feels the most powerful.

Though the answer seems obvious, her reasoning reveals what she truly values. She could feel powerful as BLACKPINK because of their insane popularity and influence in both the music and fashion worlds, but for Jennie, what empowers her is the love and support she receives from her fellow members and from performing music.

Having my girls by my side and doing what we love. Performing on stage, interacting with fans, I think [that’s when I feel most powerful].

— Jennie

Another question Jennie was asked was about her biggest cheerleader, and again, Jennie’s answer revealed how her incredible strength doesn’t come from only herself.

Without hesitation, Jennie answered that her mother was her biggest cheerleader. Every BLINK knows that Jennie’s mom has made a huge impact on her life and continues to accompany and support Jennie whenever she can.

Besides her mom, Jennie’s biggest cheerleaders are her fellow members of BLACKPINK, and this is no surprise. The girls are constantly showering each other with love, whether for group activities or solo schedules, and their warm sisterhood is why the girls have been able to push through thick and thin.

And I think the girls. We love supporting each other and like always rooting for what they’ve got going on in their lives.

— Jennie

Jennie is a queen because she’s loved and surrounded by fellow queens, and because of that incredible support system, her queendom continues to grow bigger and bigger.