BTS’s V And BLACKPINK’s Jennie Targeted With Extreme Hate Comments After V’s Accidental Instagram Follow

Neither of them did anything wrong.

The BTS members recently broke the internet when they opened up personal Instagram accounts for the first time since their debut and naturally, it didn’t take long before each member began to accumulate millions of followers.

All of BTS’s Instagram accounts | Instagram

As the members tried to figure out how to successfully navigate Instagram, however, it was V who caused mass chaos after fans noticed he was following an additional person that wasn’t a BTS member…

BTS’s V | Teen Vogue

…and it was because he accidentally began following the one and only, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie.

BTS V’s Instagram account following Jennie’s | @thv/Instagram

After realizing his mistake, V quickly confirmed that it was an accident by not only unfollowing Jennie, but also asked his fans on Weverse if there was a “way to get rid of” Instagram’s recommendation function.


BTS’s V: “Is there a way to get rid of Instagram’s recommendation page?…this is a scary app.” | Weverse

And while both BTS fans and BLACKPINK fans were understanding of the genuine mistake, some internet haters did not take a liking to the situation.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | Chanel

Just moments after the mistake, Jennie’s Instagram account began to get flooded with malicious comments by anonymous Instagram users. All of the BLACKPINK member’s comment sections have been filled to the brim with awful comments…

Malicious comments left on Jennie’s Instagram | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

…as well as a bombardment of different negative emojis.

Malicious comments left on Jennie’s Instagram | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

However, that was not all. Following his little Instagram mishap, V also began to receive unwarranted hate on Twitter, as dozens of users began to flood the BTS member with cruel comments. From disrespectfully referring to his late grandmother…

…to calling him “nasty” and “creepy.”

As the haters began to target both Jennie and V with disgusting comments, Korean netizens banded together to support the two idol members as the startling situation unfolded in an unfortunate manner.

| theqoo
  • “This isn’t even a big deal, but she already has 1,500 hate comments. I hope Jennie and V stay strong…”
  • “Omg…it’s been just one day since his account was created and already there’s a problem. It’s so hard to be a celebrity.”
  • “Stay strong Jennie and V..”
  • “Wow this isn’t even a big deal..please live in reality.”
  • “Jesus…let them live and breathe in peace! Just leave them alone!”
  • “He could have accidentally pressed follow while using the app or he could have been trying to follow it in private and accidentally followed her, but regardless this is not a big deal. Why are they making it a big deal.”
  • “I hope the both of them stay strong…Jesus they’re making it a big deal.”
| TV Daily, Adidas

Neither V nor Jennie has addressed the unwarranted hate they’ve received, but fans are pulling for them to stay strong through the storm.

Source: theqoo, Nate Pann and Reddit