HBO’s “The Idol”, Featuring BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Officially Cancelled After Just One Season

“After extensive deliberation…”

On August 29, it was announced that HBO‘s controversial series The Idol has officially been cancelled.

The series marked the acting debut of BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, which initially excited many fans. However, despite its high-profile cast and promising premise, The Idol drew a lot of criticism from viewers for its “disturbing” highly sexual content described by some as “torture porn”.

Jennie in The Idol | HBO

Originally a six-episode series, The Idol ended up only being five episodes long, and it currently has a rating of 19% on Rotten Tomatoes.

| Rotten Tomatoes

Here’s what an HBO spokesperson had to say about the cancellation.

The Idol has been one of HBO’s most provocative original programs, and we are pleased with the enthusiastic response from our viewers. However, after extensive deliberation, we, along with the producers, have decided not to proceed with a second season. We extend our gratitude to the producers, cast, and crew for delivering such a fantastic show.



Hopefully Jennie will get more chances to act in the future in shows that don’t draw such controversy!

The Idol