BLACKPINK Jennie’s Definition Of An Icon Reveals Her Wise And Confident Outlook On Life

Jennie’s an icon who keeps on shining brighter and brighter.

As one of the representatives of the modern era chosen for ELLE KOREA‘s 30th anniversary, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is truly an icon amongst the MZ generation (millennials and Gen Z). Her short interview with ELLE KOREA proves that behind the glamour of being a global IT girl is a woman who captivates everyone with her wisdom and confidence.

One question Jennie was asked was about what the word “icon” meant to her.


Jennie began her answer by saying that someone who is an icon is a person with strong individuality.

Instead of telling a story or having opinions that please the majority, Jennie believes that a true icon raises questions in people’s minds, challenging them to see the world in a different light. Since an icon is someone who stands out from the crowd and is someone to look up to, their actions and expressions have to hold a unique charm that draws people in because it’s so different and beautiful.

I think someone could be called an icon if they have the ability to raise questions based on their own perspective.

— Jennie

Jennie herself is an icon (hence why she’s chosen for this special edition of ELLE KOREA), and she suits her own definition perfectly. It’s undeniable that Jennie is a huge trendsetter, both in the Western and K-Pop worlds. Whether it is her fierce persona on stage, her elegance in the fashion world, or her kind and humble personality, Jennie is the perfect representative of and inspiration for young women in the creative fields.

So for Jennie, her aspirations to be an icon have already come true, but her endless passion and vision drive her towards a bigger goal.

Jennie hopes to be an icon of memories, to be an inspiration to many even after her peak days of stardom.

I’d love it if I’d be an icon that doesn’t represent just an era but remembered for a long time.

— Jennie

Like any legendary star, Jennie has already carved her name into history, and there’s no doubt that her hopes to be an icon of memories will come true. And like the sweet and humble person she is, Jennie wants to be an inspiration not for fame or glory but to give hope to any ordinary girl struggling with confidence and self-love. As someone who has faced some of the worst the world has to offer, her persistence in staying true to herself and showing love to others is what truly makes her iconic.


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