BLACKPINK’s Jennie Gifts Famous Photographer Couple With The Sweetest Gifts That Represent Her Perfectly

The best gift giver.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie recently made a trip to Paris and while she stopped by, she made sure to gift her dearest friends, photographer couple Inez and Vinoodh, with some lovely gifts. She has worked with them a total of 4 times including on the most recent trip to Paris. The Coco Neige collection was shot by them, while they also shot Jennie virtually earlier this year for a collaboration book between V Magazine and Chanel. They also worked together with Jennie on the Chanel Show FW 21/22 promotional contents. Lastly, the shot her for Paris Fashion Week 2021.

As famous photographers themselves, Inez and Vinoodh have everything they could ask for. What more could Jennie give them? Although Jennie is very well-to-do herself, she went for gifts from the heart. Trust us when we say these gifts are absolutely representative of Jennie!

1. Handmade bracelets

Beaded bracelets are the trend now, and as someone at the very forefront of trends, Jennie loves them too. These ones that Jennie made herself are even more precious. She even customized them with the couple’s names.

| @inezandvinoodh/Instagram

2. Mandarin ducks

In South Korea, mandarin ducks are the best gift for any couple. Traditionally, carved mandarin ducks are given in a pair to couples, especially married ones, to wish them a lifetime together. This is as mandarin ducks are the only type of ducks to swim and waddle around in pairs. Partners for life! Not only did Jennie bless them as a couple, she also gave them a peek into Korean culture.

| @inezandvinoodh/Instagram
| @inezandvinoodh/Instagram

3. The packaging

This isn’t really a gift per se, but Jennie made sure that the gifts were wrapped in traditional Korean wrapping. Firstly, the wrapping paper is printed with “hunminjeongeum“. “Hunminjeongeum” was a document from the past era, describing an entirely new and native script for the Korean language. The script was initially named after the publication, but later came to be known as Hangul. In other words, Jennie was teaching them Korean culture and the origin of Hangul. The gift was also wrapped with colored string that were knotted loosely like the traditional way of knotting a Hanbok ribbon, and decorated with a norigae charm.

| @inezandvinoodh/Instagram

Jennie was praised for her highly witty and appropriate gifts. What a great gift giver she is!


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