BLACKPINK Fans Demand Better Treatment For Jennie, Trend #JennieDeservesBetter

Jennie was exposed to malicious comments during a promotional event for Samsung Indonesia.

BLINKs are demanding better treatment for BLACKPINK‘s Jennie following a promotional event in Indonesia.


On January 14, BLACKPINK attended #AWESOMELIVE, a livestreamed fan event for Samsung Indonesia. #AWESOMELIVE comes less than a week after Samsung released the CF campaign for the “Galaxy A”, featuring their global endorsement models, BLACKPINK.


Outraged fans claim that Jennie was needlessly exposed to cruel comments from anti-fans that left her visibly upset.


According to these fans, Jennie was on the brink of tears. Many are upset with the hosts for allowing this to happen and for “ignoring” her throughout the event.


Other fans have criticized BLACKPINK’s agency, YG Entertainment, for not doing enough to keep their artists safe from malicious commenters.


To make matters worse, Jennie’s fanbase was reportedly not permitted to organize a celebration for Jennie’s birthday at the event, or sing “Happy Birthday”. The person who won a content at the event was allegedly a Jennie anti-fan.


Many BLINKs are now calling for a Samsung Indonesia boycott, and an apology for Jennie.


Watch the entire 4-hour livestream here:

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