BLACKPINK’s Jennie Spoils Her Bestie Jisoo In The Sweetest Way

This is true friendship!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo may not have been in Hawaii with Jennie in her latest vlog, but that didn’t stop Jennie from spoiling her!

In the souvenir shop, Jennie decided to get bracelets for the people accompanying her on the trip…

…and of course, got herself one with a cat!

However, like she always does, she also wanted to bring back something thoughtful for Jisoo.

Carefully picking out the perfect stickers for her, she got a gift that she knew Jisoo would love!

If this seems familiar, it’s because Jennie’s always bringing back something thoughtful for Jisoo. In her bakery vlog, she got some delicious bread for the two of them…

…and even made sure to also get some chocolate bread for Jisoo!

Even when they’re apart, these BFFs are always thinking of each other!

Check out more from Jennie’s latest vlog below.

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