BLACKPINK’s Jennie Keeps Fan Gifts, And She Just Revealed Her Heartwarming Collection

Is your gift here?

When it comes to idols showing their appreciation for their fans, BLACKPINK never holds back. Jennie, in particular, is known for the many things she’s done for BLINKs.

She once spoiled “SOLO” ahead of its release to concert attendees…

…and she even drew 50 special mochi dolls for her fansign.

In the sixteenth episode of 24/365 with BLACKPINK, fans saw yet again just how much she adores them. Jennie collected numerous items that she got from fans.

If you look here, I have a secret box.

— Jennie

From stickers to name tags, she kept them all in a special mini box. Lucky fans gave gifts that were in line with her habit: “I tend to collect things with my name on it.”

Jennie explained why she treasured all of the small items, especially the stickers: “They’re so precious, I didn’t want to use them.”

In the next room, she had a pile of Disney-related dolls that BLINKs gave her throughout the years. She couldn’t help but praise her fans as she showed them off.

These are all the dolls that you guys gave me. Some of them, I collected. This room is full of childhood memories. I’ve actually never revealed this before.

— Jennie

If you want to see Jennie’s collection in full detail, check out the video below.


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