“You Have To Be Born With It” — Koreans Gush Over BLACKPINK Jennie’s Hot Figure In Her Calvin Klein Collection

Marry us, Kim Jennie.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie recently launched a capsule collaboration with Calvin Klein. The collection features pieces that Jennie herself worked on, including casual loungewear and stylish undergarments. She modeled for the collection, stunning everyone with her figure.

Even in a skintight suit, she looked perfect.

Her perfect S-Line came into play.

Decked in sweatpants and a cropped bra-top, she embodied coolness.

Netizens praise her for making revealing clothing look cool and charismatic rather than provocative.

She looked natural and in her element.

This sultry photo was the highlight of the shoot for many.

Koreans were absolutely blown away by the shoot. Jennie truly did not disappoint.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • I really want to steal her shoulders.
  • She’s so so so hot and pretty, but it kind of seems a little objet (art piece) as well. Gorgeous.
  • You really have to be born with that bone structure. It’s not just her shoulders, but the line from her waist to her hips is also insane. How can her body be perfect too? She has everything. Whenever I see Jennie I think that she’s born to be a star.
  • Really pretty.
  • As expected of god-Jennie.
  • Cool.
  • Cool. I gotta go buy it when it’s out.

Jennie was really born with it! It takes a special charisma to pull off revealing outfits and make it look cool.

Source: theqoo


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