BLACKPINK’s Jennie Makes A Surprise Appearance After Someone DMs Rapper Lee Young Ji, Pretending To Be Jennie

Just who was the fake account trying to fool?

Rapper and TV personality, Lee Young Ji received a surprising DM on Instagram recently. An account that was pretending to be BLACKPINK‘s Jennie had DMed her with the opener, “Hello, I’m Jennie. If you have the time, can we meet?

Lee Young Ji was so taken aback that she uploaded the amusing screenshots with the caption, “kekekeke This is the most dumbfounding DM I received in 2021.

While everyone laughed along in the comments, fans got a huge surprise when the real Jennie herself made an appearance. She followed the fake account’s tone and left a comment that declared, “Hello~ I’m Jennie.

| Instagram

As Jennie’s real Instagram account is not only verified with a blue tick, her millions of followers are testament to just how well-known the account is. Just who was this fake account trying to fool? We’re glad to see Jennie laughing along with the joke!


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