BLACKPINK’s Jennie Looks Completely Different With Glamorous, Korean Style Makeup And Netizens Are Loving It

Check out her new gorgeous look!

Fans are used to seeing BLACKPINK‘s Jennie in her typical stage makeup consisting of a nude lip and neutral eye. However, netizens recently went crazy for her brand new look!


For makeup and skincare brand Hera, Jennie has debuted a fresh new makeup style.

Sporting a deeper lip color and smoky eyeliner, she gives off a glamorous impression. Additionally, her eyebrows have been done slightly more bold than usual, giving her stronger impression.

The beautiful look is especially flattering with an updo, allowing her face to be the main focus.

However, the style looks just as good with her hair down. Aside from her makeup, she sports a simple and neutral appearance to still have a fresh aura.

Netizens agree that this change in style enhances her natural beauty.

  • “Jennie changed her shade again.. She looks so much prettier”
  • “Please give her this kind of makeup instead. She’s so much prettier with gorgeous makeup”
  • “Her Hera photoshoots are always legendary”

Looking gorgeous in any style of makeup she tries, Jennie’s visuals always shine through!

Source: Nate Pann