BLACKPINK Jennie’s Makeup Undergoes A Big Transformation — And Fans Are Loving Her New Look

Check out the new style!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie recently switched up her makeup style and everyone is taking notes! Previously, she wore lighter foundation and often sported a cat eye look as shown below.

She emphasized this with her dark eyeliner and warm-toned eyeshadow.

She also sported bright lip colors to tie her look together, creating a flashy aura that many K-Pop idols sport.

However, Jennie’s recent makeup look from more recent years is completely different.

She wears a toned-down look with almost no eyeliner or thinly and neatly lined eyes.

Her foundation color is true to her skin tone, and she often wears nude lip shades.

The new look emphasizes her natural beauty and sticks with nude colors, allowing her visuals to be the focal point.

But nevertheless, in either makeup look, Jennie proves she’s a visual goddess!