BLACKPINK’s Jennie Reveals The True Reason Behind Her Birth Name And Who She’s Named After

She even met her namesake and told him the story!

Many BLINKs will know that BLACKPINK Jennie‘s birth name is indeed Kim Jennie, despite being of pure Korean descent. A common misconception about her name is that it was derived during her time spent studying overseas. Jennie has however, repeatedly shared that it is indeed a pure Korean name. This time, on Knowing Bros, Jennie shared the true reason behind the uncommon name.

It turns out, Jennie’s mother was a huge fan of the actor, Lee Jung Jae. One of Lee Jung Jae’s most loved roles include the role of Baek Jaehee in Sandglass.

Jennie’s mother was such a huge fan that she was determined to name her child after him. It was decided that if she had given birth to a son, the son would be named Jaehee, after Lee Jung Jae’s character. Things did not go as expected and she gave birth to a daughter instead.

Jennie’s mother decided to name her daughter “Jennie”, as it sounded similar to “Jaehee”. In an interesting twist of fate, Jennie became one of K-Pop’s largest stars to date, and had the chance to meet the actor himself. Of course, she just had to tell him about how she was named for his drama character!

She revealed that Lee Jung Jae had loved it when she told him about the way her mother had been a huge fan. As the drama had aired in 1995, before Jennie was born, she herself has not watched it entirely. Instead, she has watched snippets of it online.

Lee Jung Jae | Korea Times

Sounds like her mother ended up being a successful fan too! Perhaps BLINKs will end up naming their kids after the members in the future.

Source: Daum Cafe


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