Netizens Mesmerized As BLACKPINK’s Jennie Exudes Classic Hollywood Vibes In Latest Instagram Posts

She looks “Red Carpet” ready!

Although a lot of K-Pop idols have restrictions on using social media, one group that has always been very active is BLACKPINK. All the members have their own Instagram accounts and constantly share updates with fans about what they’re doing, whether it’s traveling the world, doing photoshoots, or just meeting up.

In particular, whenever member Jennie posts, she sends the internet into meltdown with her visually stunning pictures.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/ Instagram

Jennie recenrly posted a series of photos after the release of the promotional shots for her collaboration with Hera. In the images, Jennie exuded true Hollywood vibes in a simple black dress, but with a peach-like pink lip, it added more softness to the look.

| @jennierubyjane/ Instagram
| @jennierubyjane/ Instagram

Jennie also showed that despite it not being an official photoshoot, she exuded model energy with each subtle pose that looked like something out of a 1920s fashion magazine.

In the next photos, Jennie is wearing a black and sparkly dress but still with the same vibes. By wearing that dress with the more subtle makeup, the images seemed more innocent and youthful than the official photoshoot images.

| @jennierubyjane/ Instagram
| @jennierubyjane/ Instagram

As expected, when the images were shared, fans online couldn’t get enough of Jennie’s visuals in the photos, and it isn’t hard to see why.

It also isn’t the first time that Jennie has exuded true Hollywood glamor in her Instagram photos. Jennie always exudes this class and sophistication whenever she posts pictures, from her Halloween photos to chilling out with Squid Game bestie Jung Ho Yeon.

| @jennierubyjane/ Instagram

However, Jennie has also proved that she can look flawless dressed down in more casual wear, even if they’re just a tank top and pair of flannel bottoms.

| @jennierubyjane/ Instagram

No matter whether at an event or just preparing for a photoshoot, Jennie always looks like she has stepped straight off a catwalk. You can read more about Jennie showcasing her flawless visuals on Instagram below.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Stuns Netizens With Her Flawless Visuals And Unreal Proportions In Latest Instagram Posts

Source: @JennieRubyJane