“Leaving Or Mistreatment?” BLACKPINK’s Online Store Update Has Fans Curious About Jennie’s Future With YG Entertainment

While it could be logistical, BLINKs think its unfair to Jennie.

BLACKPINK recently celebrated their 7th anniversary, but celebrations have been joined with the daunting prospect of the members’ contract renewals with YG Entertainment.

The members of BLACKPINK | @sbskpop/Twitter

Yet, something on BLACKPINK’s store relating to Jennie has raised concerns about whether the idol might be leaving YG Entertainment or suffering from mistreatment.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

On July 9, netizens noticed something about the BLACKPINK store page. When clicking on the website, it comes up with a countdown for the anniversary.

But netizens noticed something when clicking on the collection tab, where there was a list of different options for merchandise. When the tab was clicked, amongst the categories were options for all the members’ names, except for Jennie.

When each member’s name was clicked, it came up with merchandise related to the members’ solo releases.

Of course, it was noticeable that Jennie’s name was not there, although she has also released her own music with the track “SOLO.”

When netizens noticed the website, it wasn’t surprising that with the contract renewal news coming up, some thought it might be YG hinting at Jennie’s future with the company.

Yet, while some thought it might be softly hinting at the future of Jennie with YG Entertainment and BLACKPINK, others thought it was more evidence of mistreatment.

‘While Jennie’s track “SOLO” was released first and as a single, many thought it shouldn’t mean the idol has no merchandise for her releases. The idea of having separate pages for all the members, except for Jennie, didn’t seem right, as it seemingly singled her out.

While it could simply just be regarding Jennie’s lack of merchandise when she released “SOLO,” it’s not surprising that fans are concerned, especially with the uncertainty surrounding the contract renewal.