Fansite Master Goes Viral For Their Friendlike Interactions With BLACKPINK’s Jennie

The most down-to-earth cutie!

PAINT IT BLACK has been a fansite for BLACKPINK’s Jennie since her debut. The fansite is one of the most well-known ones for the star, coming up with masterpieces each time. Recently, they photographed Jennie at the BORN PINK finale in Seoul.

Jennie was so pleased with the photos that she uploaded them to her personal Instagram too.

The fansite master shared the adorable anecdote behind the following photo. Jennie had bowed towards the camera at the finale.

Jennie surprised them by rearranging her hair out of the blue, before bowing in their direction.

She rearranged her hair suddenly and bowed humbly at me. I was confused like “??”


Jennie likely meant it as a thank you to the fansite master who had been following her on tour. PAINT IT BLACK regularly shares stories of their cute interactions with Jennie.

Previously, Jennie showed concern for their sunburnt skin.

When was this? Anyway, my skin was really severely sunburned when I saw her at the airport. We were just talking and Kim Jennie suddenly went, “No…But…Why are you so sunburned?” LOL. Her face was 100% concerned.


That wasn’t the only story. They revealed that Jennie often chattered away to them, asking many things.

I’m someone who always forgets things, so there’s not much I remember… But Jennie does often ask me things like, should she cut her hair, should she put her hair behind her ears, wear glasses, if her lipstick faded, stuff like that.


Once, when PAINT IT BLACK wore a cropped top, Jennie had something to say about it too.

I wore a semi-cropped top once and Jennie said, “you’re showing your belly? Heh.” It was really embarrassing.


Netizens loved reading about Jennie’s playful interactions with her fansite. A post about it on an online community soon gained over 150,000 views in just a day! It’s not every day that a world class idol is as down-to-earth as Jennie Kim!

Source: Nate Pann