BLACKPINK’s Jennie Steals The Hearts Of Fans Worldwide At Chanel’s Paris Fashion Week Runway Show

She was the main event!

It seems like BLACKPINK is definitely cementing their status as global superstars. Recently, the members have all jetted off to Paris at some point over the last few weeks for the world-famous 2022 Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week to represent various fashion brands at the event!

BLACKPINK members | @BLACKPINK/ Twitter

After Jisoo and Rosé slayed the Dior and Yves Saint Laurent event, it was time for Jennie to take to the stage for Chanel! Even before the event, Jennie gained attention for her airport fashion which was definitely #goals! 

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jaylim1/Instagram

Yet, when it came to the day of the event, there was no denying that Jennie definitely stole the show. From the minute she stepped out of her hotel, fans couldn’t get enough of Jennie’s visuals in a stunning red two-piece combo which you couldn’t help but be in awe of.

Even arriving at the venue in the pouring rain, Jennie was serving looks!

When it came to the show itself, many fans had to wait for any high-quality images of Jennie in her outfit. Yet, the LQ photos showed just how beautiful Jennie is because she managed to look flawless despite the images being blurry.

| @NEWSJENNIE_/ Twitter

However, once fans managed to see a proper image of Jennie during the show, she looked even more beautiful. The design of the top and skirt very much fit in with the Chanel identity, blending together color, design, and texture in an elegant outfit that seems it could turn heads in the 1920s.

| @NEWSJENNIE_/ Twitter

Despite the minimalistic design, the accessories stole the show with a chunky necklace set with the iconic Chanel logo, patented bag, and beaded belt!

| Vogue

Jennie was the perfect ambassador for the brand, radiating class, sophistication, and elegance in the outfit and showcasing just how fashionable and stylish she is!

Although Jennie was dazzling in red, many BLINKs found it an interesting choice for the idol. In particular, they looked back in the BLACKPINK archives and saw that Jennie hasn’t always had the best relationship with the color.

| @lisasuprmcy/ Twitter

Despite her views, there is no denying that Jennie looked fantastic, and it will be great to see how she dominates Paris with her visuals! You can read more about the event below.

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