BLACKPINK Jennie’s Ultra-Sweet Way Of Picking Gifts For Her Friends Makes Us All Want To Be Her BFF

Remember her grand gift to Jung Ho Yeon?

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is known for being an incredible friend to those she holds close to her heart. When it comes to expressing her love, she’s top-notch! She recently made headlines for sending a snack food truck to support Jung Ho Yeon in her first acting gig.

| @hoooooyeony/Instagram

She even personally visited the Squid Game star on set despite her busy schedule.

Jennie and Jung Ho Yeon | @hoooooyeony/Instagram

In an interview with W Korea, Jennie broke down her gift giving process. Rather than receiving presents, she prefers giving them out.

I really like buying gifts. I get more excited to buy gifts for others than when I buy something for myself.

— Jennie

She makes sure to personalize her gifts to match the people they’ll go to. For Jennie, she can never skimp on the details.

I think about the person I want to buy a gift for. I think about their usual preferences.

— Jennie

She also doesn’t simply buy a gift off the rack, she makes sure it matches her friend’s likes and dislikes first. And of course, the best part about the whole process is giving the present in person.

I also think about what would suit that person if they had or wore something a lot on a normal basis. If a special day is coming up, I find it fun to hide the gift until the end and give it to them like, ‘Tada!’

— Jennie

Jennie with a Hera gift bag | Hera

We’d love to receive a gift from Jennie! To learn more about her, check out the full video below.

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