BLACKPINK’s Jennie Inspires Everyone’s New Year Resolution With Photos Of Her Perfectly Toned Body

A fit goddess!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie has always been an inspiration for those who are on their fitness game. As the new year rolled around gyms are hustling and bustling with people vowing to get fit!

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It appears Jennie has the same in mind as she uploaded photos of herself perfectly executing difficult pilates forms! She showed off her perfectly sculpted body that inspired BLINKs around the world!


She vowed to continue her fitness game and work out on a daily routine.

I can’t stretch out my knees all the way yet, and I’m still lacking but if it’s with [my friend]…

Exercising on a holiday, exercising on Monday, and I’m going to exercise every day

— Jennie


Jennie has always been famous for her fit figure featuring a perfect hourglass physique and toned abs!


And she once again became an inspiration for those who’ve set 2020 resolutions to get fit and toned like Jennie!