BLACKPINK’s Reaction To Jennie’s “Pink Venom” Rap Is Too Relatable

The members are the biggest BLINKs!

Recently, the members of BLACKPINK sat down to film their real reaction to their new “Pink Venom” music video, and the members went crazy for each other! Specifically, BLINKs found their support for Jennie — and her reaction to them — the cutest of all.

When the vocals kick in, the members were just as blown away as fans were watching the music video for the first time. The truck’s entrance starts the song, immediately followed by Jennie’s verse.

The members sit in awe of her charisma as her own vision for the verse came to life.

They begin “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” and even unleash a few fangirl screams!

Jisoo copies Jennie’s iconic finger gun…

…and Jennie’s wholesome reaction to the love from her members says it all!

Like true supportive besties, these girls are always hyping each other up!

Watch their full video reacting to “Pink Venom” below.