BLACKPINK Jennie Unintentionally Makes Fans Laugh With Unexpected Response To King Charles III

Why did she look like that?

BLACKPINK were recently anointed as honorary members of the British Empire. They awarded an honorary MBE in recognition of their role as Advocates for the COP26 Summit in Glasgow.

BLACKPINK being awarded by King Charles III. | Korea Times

An MBE is given to people for their rewarding contributions to the arts and sciences, work with charitable and welfare organizations and public service outside the civil service.

They each received the most gorgeous lapel medals in honor of the occasion.

As elegant as each girl looked, fans couldn’t help but burst into laughter at Jennie’s honest reaction to King Charles III. When His Majesty presented her with the lapel medal, he asked her to wear it sometime. She hesitated for the briefest of seconds before replying that “she would try it on in her house.

Jennie definitely handled the matter like a pro, smiling throughout. It was her this very expression that she had on for the slightest of moments, that had fans rolling on the ground.

She seemed to look at His Majesty with a mix of awkwardness and worry. Fans speculated that she might have caught herself and wondered if she had the wrong response to the King due to nerves.

Other fans joked that she saw something she shouldn’t.

The short clip already has around half a million views in just a mere day. Nervous or not, Jennie slayed at the ceremony!