BLACKPINK’s Jennie Reveals Why She Can’t Watch Their Coachella Performance Videos

Here’s why.

Without a doubt, one of BLACKPINK‘s most iconic moments since their debut was their participation in the American music festival Coachella. In some of their past interviews, they shared how they had low expectations for the number of people who would watch them.

Contrary to their assumptions, however, their two performances on April 12 and April 19, 2019, were packed with thousands of BLINKs. In a new interview with Entertainment Today, the members shared their thoughts on those momentous days and what they mean to them.

It’s definitely a moment that we’ll never forget. It’s one of the important steps that we took last year to make us into better artists and better selves.

— Jennie

Jennie even grew more self-assured after being proven wrong during the festival.

I personally feel like I was so much more confident after Coachella because of how low my expectations were.

— Jennie

To the amusement of her fellow members, the main rapper revealed why she still can’t watch any of her Coachella performances.

I knew how nervous I was. I didn’t think I’d go up and be like, ‘BLACKPINK in your area!’ Even today, I cannot go back and watch [these videos] because I can see how excited I am!

— Jennie

Despite Jennie’s embarrassment at her obvious excitement, the experience was overall a precious one. As she explained, “We are really really thankful for the opportunity that we had to go and perform in Coachella and we’re so happy about it!”

Check out the full interview below.