BLACKPINK’s Return To Korea Sparks Concerns Amongst Netizens

The issue seemingly gets worse and worse.

BLACKPINK recently made history with a trip to London. Along with attending a special banquet at Buckingham Palace, the members received honorary MBEs and were the first K-Pop acts to do so.

| @royalfamily/Twitter    
The members of BLACKPINK at Buckingham Palace | @royalfamily/Twitter    

Sadly, it seems like the members didn’t get to spend as much time in London and on November 23, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé returned to Korea. While their photos from Incheon Airport showcased their visuals…

BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Rose, and Jisoo

The situation at the airport was extremely worrying to fans. When they came out, the members were mixed in with others who had just returned from their flight. At first, they seemingly blended with the crowds.

Yet, as soon as the bodyguards came, the fans and press realized it was the members and started swarming them. Even members of the press couldn’t find the members amidst the huge crowds.

At one point, Jisoo got separated from the other two members and fans were being pushed, all while security tried to keep the members safe. Even members of the public were being caught in the stampede.

From another angle, the look of concern on Rosé’s face was clear.

Yet, when the video was posted, while the members had got back “safely,” netizens believed that the video showed the complete opposite. When it was posted, BLINKs shared their anger at the complete disrespect for the members and their safety.

As always, the topic of airport security seems to continue to be an issue with idols’ safety being compromised.

Source: Newsen