BLACKPINK’s Jennie Shows Us How To Make Mandu With Jisoo On Her Latest Vlog

We’re suddenly craving mandu and ramen…😋

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is back at it with her Youtube career as she posts a vlog with fellow member Jisoo. Like the end of her previous “Bakery Tour” vlog promised, Jennie posted a video of her and Jisoo making “mandu” (dumplings) at home titled “Homemade mandu vlog.”

| Jennierubyjane Official/Youtube

Jennie and Jisoo‘s adorable chemistry is shown throughout the vlog so we know BLINKs are going to enjoy watching the two embark on the mandu challenge!

We’ve created a step by step list (a recipe if you will 😉) of what you need to do if you want to make some mandu at home!

Things you will need:

  • a water bowl
  • mandu filling & skin
  • package of ramen
  • kimchi
  • a cute bestie with jokes

1. make sure you look cute

Even though the two were filming at Jennie’s house, Jennie and Jisoo looked as cute as ever dressed in matching tops!

2. have all the ingredients prepped

It’s important to have all your ingredients prepped prior to cooking! And if you’re like Jennie, being self aware to know that buying pre-made dumpling filling is better than making the whole thing then that’s good too.

3. make sure to set the mandu skin

Like Jisoo said, you have to set the mandu skin with the flour much like we set our own faces with setting powder when we do our makeup. She’s basically a makeup guru!

4. have fun with it

Who wants to eat all the same type of mandu? Be like Jennie and Jisoo and make a ~variety~ Our faves were the meatball and the one that “looks like Rosé.” 😂

5. don’t forget the water to seal

The water’s there for a reason so make sure to line the edges so that the mandu will stay shut! And if you’re like Jennie—the water know how is very important 😂

6. steam

Steam those dumplings!

7. cook ramen to go along perfectly

Can’t forget mandu’s best friend: ramen to pair.

8. mukbang!

Eat away!

If you follow these steps there’s a 10/10 chance you’ll also be enjoying some delish mandu with ramen! Make sure to watch Jennie’s full vlog below!