BLACKPINK’s Jennie Exposes Just How Intense Filming The “Shut Down” Music Video Was

BLACKPINK’s hard work paid off.

There’s no denying that BLACKPINK‘s recent music video “Shut Down” is both a stunning tribute to all the music BLACKPINK has released up until now and a powerful indication of all that they will bring to the table in the future.

Fans truly loved all the iconic homages to BLACKPINK’s past music videos, which Jisoo explained was to represent the start of a new era for the group.

Did you guys notice? Our “Shut Down” music video has put in some of the scenes from our previous music videos to show the new BLACKPINK. We hope you look forward to it.

— Jisoo

Jennie referencing “DDU-DU DDU-DU” | BLACKPINK/YouTube 
Lisa referencing “Playing With Fire” | BLACKPINK/YouTube 

Of course, the powerful choreography and lyrics of the track were highlighted in the captivating music video.


And the members’ visuals were unparalleled, leaving fans in awe.

(Left to right) Jisoo and Rosé | BLACKPINK/YouTube 

But, as fans might expect, to create such a masterful music video, the members of BLACKPINK had to go above and beyond in filming.


In a recent interview with ELLE, Jennie revealed that the members actually “didn’t sleep for a good four days” while filming the music video, having to keep shooting new scenes despite their lack of rest.

So the last time I was on set was, I think, for our video “Shut Down” for BLACKPINK and we didn’t sleep for a good four days and we had to shoot right through it.

— Jennie

Jennie | ELLE/YouTube 

One of the main reasons for this brutal filming schedule was that the members were actually learning the choreography for the song “[on] the spot.

And there was a lot of choreography to do which we actually learned on the spot. So yeah, that was very memorable.

— Jennie

| ELLE/YouTube 

Fans could never have suspected that the members were filming scenes after just learning the choreography since the members looked confident throughout the entire music video.


There’s no denying that BLACKPINK are continually showing their professionalism, having given their all to film this music video for fans.

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You can watch “Shut Down” here.

Source: ELLE


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