BLACKPINK’s Jennie “Shuts Down” All Photoshop Allegations With Her Perfectly Flawless Figure At The Calvin Klein Pop-Up Store

“She proved everyone saying her photos were edited wrong!”

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has always gained attention for her unreal proportions and figure. Yet, after receiving criticism, the idol “shut down” all allegations of editing by showcasing her perfect figure at a recent Calvin Klein event.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

On May 4, Calvin Klein revealed a new collection they had created in collaboration with Jennie. In the photos, Jennie showcased her sexiness and unreal proportions as she modeled the clothes she’d helped to create.

Jennie’s photos for her new Calvin Klein collection | Calvin Klein
| Calvin Klein
| Calvin Klein

After the photos were posted, BLINKs shared their anger after haters hit back at the idol, claiming she was edited in the photos to alter her figure.

Yet, rather than address the criticism, Jennie proved her point in the most iconic way after hitting back at the allegations at the recent pop-up store to celebrate the launch of the collection.

On May 10, Jennie arrived at a Calvin Klein shop in Seoul, where she opened the pop-up store for her new collection. As expected, fans beautifully captured the idol’s beauty.

| @honeyflavor2116/Twitter

Yet, it was the full shots of Jennie before she entered that shocked fans. Wearing the tight purple dress from her collection, Jennie showcased her curves and unreal proportions in the figure-hugging dress.


From every angle, the photos of the idol showcased Jennie’s natural curves and hit back at any belief that the Calvin Klein photoshoot had been edited to make her figure “better.”

Even inside the venue, Jennie shined in the simple yet elegant dress that she designed.

Whether she was chatting with friends or showcasing her new song, Jennie looked amazing and showed off her flawless proportions.

When the photos and videos were posted, netizens also couldn’t help but share how much they loved that Jennie proved haters wrong, but also praised her figure and how elegant she looked in the simple outfit.

While editing photos is normal within K-Pop, Jennie continues to showcase her unreal curves and proportions, allowing her visuals to shine in a simple yet elegant purple dress.

You can read more about the event below.

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