BLACKPINK Jennie’s Solo MV To Have Major London Vibes

Footage from her filming!

YG Entertainment dropped the bomb last week by confirming plans of solo promotions for all of BLACKPINK members starting with Jennie. 


As the news progressed, fans have been keeping a close eye on their activities and they were rewarded by a glimpse of a possible music video shoot. 

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Will Make Her Solo Debut in November


With YG Entertainment previously confirming that she filmed whilst in Europe for other commitments, fans are delighted after it appears that Jennie was indeed in London! 


She was spotted in an all black gear and heeled boots while cycling round an empty car park. 


It was more than enough of a hint as to what to expect on her solo promotions especially after this shot shared by Yang Hyun Suk on his personal Instagram account.


Do note that it is not the first time that a YG Entertainment artist has gone through such lengths. Think about the time G-Dragon filmed “Crooked” in London and see if you can connect a ink in their concepts!


Who’s ready for Jennie’s solo debut in November?!