BLACKPINK’s Jennie May Have “Summoned” Usher To The Group’s Atlanta Concert

Fans point out that Jennie referenced Usher the night before.

BLACKPINK is eight shows into their 45-concert BORN PINK world tour, and it’s already proving to be iconic.

(From left to right) BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Lisa, Rosé, and Jennie in Houston | @DavidNghiaLe/Twitter

The quartet is pulling out all the stops on what YG Entertainment promised to be the biggest world tour of all time for a K-Pop girl group.

From gorgeous stage outfits, mesmerizing solo stages and group performances, fun soundchecks, and heartwarming member interactions, the group is leaving a lasting impression on BLINKs.

| @blckpinkpic/Twitter

The group’s latest stop on their tour was in Atlanta, Georgia, where they performed at State Farm Arena on November 2 and 3 (EST).

BLINKs were hyped for the group after they captivated fans during their first night in Georgia.

Fans noticed on the first night that Jennie hummed American R&B legend Usher‘s hit song, “Yeah!,” released in 2004.

The quick moment had fans wondering if it was an ode to being in Usher’s hometown (he was raised in Tennessee before making Atlanta, Georgia, home), but on the second night of their tour, they realized it may have been a way to foreshadow night two’s VIP attendee.

Before the show started on the second night, fans spotted Usher among the BLINKs in the standing area of the venue. A fan took a video, pointing out the legendary artist getting ready to watch the show.

Usher appeared with bleached hair, which matches his most recent hairstyle, and he was also wearing Converse, which he was recently seen wearing in a photo from his Instagram.

A photo of Usher in October 2022 with the same hairstyle and shoes seen at the “BORN PINK” Atlanta show | @usher/Instagram

Other fans began posting their own photos of the star, seeming to prove it really was him.

Fans couldn’t get over the fact that Jennie seemed to “summon” his appearance with her song choice from night one.

If Usher wasn’t already a BLINK, we’re sure he left a member of the fandom after watching BLACKPINK’s grand show.

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