BLACKPINK Jennie’s Flaunts Her Unreal Beauty And Tiny Waist With A Surprise TAMBURINS’ Pop-Up Store Appearance

“What K-Drama is this…?”

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie wowed netizens with her unreal visuals, proportions, and tiny waist at a TAMBURINS‘ event.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Since collaborating with the brand, Jennie has showcased her unreal visuals and diversity in the various concepts.

On November 16, TAMBURINS released a new photo of Jennie and the idol showcased her unreal proportions in a sparkling dress.

Yet, if her visuals shined in such a bright and dazzling dress, Jennie later proved that it was her own beauty that made it shine. On November 16, TAMBURINS held the pre-opening event for their pop-up store. Of course, fans hoped that Jennie would visit, but there was no confirmation.

Luckily, after a long time without seeing the idol, Jennie wowed netizens with her visuals as she was spotted making an appearance.

| @20l60808/Twitter

Even in the rain, the idol looked beautiful as she waved and greeted fans. In particular, in a simple ensemble, Jennie’s tiny waist could be seen, and her long legs were accentuated by the outfit.

| @20l60808/Twitter
| @20l60808/Twitter

Considering that she hadn’t seen fans in a long time, even as she left, Jennie waited in her car for some time and chatted with BLINKs.

As always, Jennie proves to be beautiful and caring toward her fans. While it has been a while since Jennie was seen out and about, the idol made sure to chat and interact with BLINKs.