BLACKPINK’s Jennie Is Totally Feeling Herself In Behind The Scenes Clips From “Shinigami Eyes” Set

With those visuals who wouldn’t be??

On January 25th, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie made a surprise cameo in the teaser for Canadian artist Grimes‘ “Shinigami Eyes”. Grimes’ teaser showed Jennie for a quick second, but that was enough for BLINKs to get super excited for the full video to drop!

| @grimes/Instagram

When the music video for “Shinigami Eyes” premiered on January 26th, Jennie was dressed to kill in a one of a kind Moto Biker Jacket from American fashion designer Asher Levine that’s priced at $69,000 USD!

The candy pink colored biker jacket had light bulbs controlled by a mobile app along the sleeves and across the back!

The unique jacket was revealed to have initially been a concept piece for the Museum of Modern Art.

“Shinigami Eyes” was definitely out of this world as Grimes and Jennie both served some major looks.

The song’s title refers to a manga/anime series, Death Note, where these shinigami eyes give people the power to see how much time another person has left to live.

BLINKs were definitely impressed by Jennie’s visuals in the music video.

Jennie’s a queen indeed.

Jennie then shared some behind the scenes videos she took while on set to her Instagram story.


And she was definitely feeling herself!


Read more about Jennie’s $69,000 jacket down below:

BLACKPINK Jennie’s “Shinigami Eyes” Jacket Originally Belonged In A Museum