BLACKPINK’s Jennie Unexpectedly Leaves Concert Due To Health Concerns

Get well soon, Jennie!

It was an unusual and emotionally charged night for BLINKs during the latest stop of BLACKPINK‘s Born Pink world tour. Despite the electrifying excitement that filled Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena, fans were met with a surprise when K-Pop sensation Jennie had to abruptly leave the stage due to not feeling well.

The international supergroup BLACKPINK has been making waves since the launch of their world tour back in October. With over 50 shows across the globe under their belt, the girls’ high-energy performances have left fans eagerly awaiting their turn.

However, during the group’s Melbourne performance, Australian BLINKs were taken aback when Jennie, during the performance of their hit “Lovesick Girls,” suddenly had to step off stage escorted by security personnel. The unexpected event led to an outpouring of love and concern from the fans, who began calling out her name and expressing their support for their favorite star.

Following Jennie’s exit, Rosé took it upon herself to address the concerning situation. “It seems that we will be proceeding with the rest of the show without Jennie. However, we will try our best to fill the stage up for you guys, so don’t worry about that,” she told the crowd, simultaneously assuring them and expressing her own disappointment at Jennie’s absence.

We’re so sad we can’t have her with us today because she was so excited to be in Melbourne. And I’m sure she’s feeling really really upset backstage. But all our hearts go to her so that she feels better quickly. But most of all we’re just really really sad that we can’t enjoy this moment with her.


This heartfelt sentiment was clearly shared by the bandmates, as well as their adoring audience.

While the specifics of Jennie’s health issue were not disclosed, her sudden exit led to an immediate social media storm. Fans worldwide took to Twitter, Instagram, and various online platforms to send their wishes to the BLACKPINK star. The hashtag “#JENNIEYOUARELOVED” quickly started trending as BLINKs collectively expressed their concern and appreciation for Jennie’s dedication to her performances, despite not feeling well.

But the concert wasn’t all somber. The remaining members made sure to honor their fellow star by dancing to Jennie’s solo song, eliciting cheers from the crowd. Jisoo, in a particularly touching moment, made sure to say Jennie’s name during the group’s closing speech before she even said her own, a gesture that sent BLINKs on social media into a love-filled frenzy.

In the end, as fans, all we can do is send our positive vibes and best wishes to Jennie for a speedy recovery. This heartfelt message is echoed by fans worldwide, who are all hoping to see Jennie back on stage soon, healthier and stronger than ever. Here’s to wishing Jennie well – and hoping to see her back on stage soon, delivering the stellar performances that have made BLACKPINK a global sensation.


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