BLACKPINK’s Jennie Goes Viral For An Iconic Moment With The CEOs Of Porsche During The Seoul Event

Only the “Global IT Girl” could do that!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has always proved just how influential she is as soon as she debuted in 2016. Throughout the years, some of the top brands have wanted to collaborate with the idol and she’s managed to make everyone she meets swoon.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Jennie recently showcased her influence at a recent event in Seoul for Porsche after the announcement of their collaboration.

As expected, Jennie wowed with her visuals at the event. In a more minimalistic and sophisticated look, Jennie seemed like a true professional and the perfect person to collaborate with the luxury brand.

Although the idol wowed netizens with her visuals, Jennie also went viral for a completely different reason.

When the announcement was first made, pictures were released of Jennie with the CEO Holger Gerrmann, and Vice President of Porsche Personalization and Classic, Alexander Fabig. The pictures seemed very official, and Jennie seemed extremely professional during the photoshoot.

Yet, it seems like even the CEOs of one of the biggest companies couldn’t resist Jennie’s charms.

When the media had enough solo shots of Jennie, the two representatives for Porsche Korea arrived. Although they are from different worlds, the three seemed very comfortable with each other and were seen laughing and interacting.


At one point, Jennie burst into a smile when the media asked the idol if she could do a heart for the camera. In what seemed like a quite serious and professional event, the idol seemed shook that the request would suddenly be asked.

After doing her own cute heart, it seems like the Porsche bosses also wanted a taste of K-Pop. At first, they seemed to know the traditional K-Pop finger heart. Yet, Jennie showed the bosses her own version, adding, “Let’s do it this way.”

Without any hesitation, both the Porsche bosses immediately changed to the “Jennie Heart,” and it wasn’t surprising that the media couldn’t get enough.

When the videos were shared on social media, they amassed thousands of views, and netizens couldn’t get over how Jennie had managed to get top Porsche bosses to do a heart.

Only BLACKPINK’s Jennie could teach the CEOs of one of the biggest brands how to properly do a K-Pop heart.

You can read more about the event below.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Proves Her Global Influence While Attending The Recent Porsche Event In Seoul



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