BLACKPINK’s Jisoo And Actor Ahn Bo Hyun Are Confirmed To Be Dating

Congratulations to the couple!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo and actor Ahn Bo Hyun are confirmed to be in a relationship.

According to an exclusive report from Dispatch, Jisoo and Ahn Bo Hyun have been dating since at least May of this year. The two were seen together in the Yongsan district of Seoul, where Jisoo lives in May, June, July, and even August 1. This was during BLACKPINK’s busy schedule with their world tour.

Jisoo and Ahn Bo Hyun would have their dates at Jisoo’s apartment, where Ahn Bo Hyun would drive himself to.

Jisoo is a member of a world star girl group.

There was no other choice since there are limited date places.

— Insider

Even though Ahn Bo Hyun was busy with his filming schedules, he would make sure to visit Jisoo’s house. He would show up to her apartment in comfortable clothes and bring take-out food for the two to eat together.

There were not many days Jisoo was in Korea. Ahn Bo Hyun coordinated his schedule to make sure it matched Jisoo’s so they could be together.

— Insider

The two share many similarities, from acting, singing, and even fashion. They are continuing to meet each other with good feelings.

Both Jisoo’s agency YG Entertainment and Ahn Bo Hyun’s agency FN Entertainment confirmed Jisoo and Ahn Bo Hyun’s relationship with their respective statements.

They are getting to know each other little by little with good feelings.

We would appreciate it if you would keep a warm eye on them.

— YG Entertainment

Ahn Bo Hyun and Jisoo are in the stages of getting to know each other with good feelings. We hope you look over them warmly.

— FN Entertainment

Source: Dispatch, Sports Donga and Sports Kyunghyang