BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Behavior Towards Staff At The Airport Shows Her True Personality

She didn’t let traveling without her fellow members stop her from her usual antics 😂

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo recently departed Korea for France as she prepares to appear at Dior‘s Autumn/Winter 2023-24 Ready-to-Wear Show as part of Paris Fashion Week.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo at Incheon Airport for her flight to France.

Jisoo immediately turned heads and made headlines with her stunning visuals. Many netizens questioned if she was aging backward while comparing media photos of Jisoo at the airport in 2023 to photos from her debut days.

As netizens, media, and fans marveled at her beauty, Jisoo entertained everyone with her charming and friendly personality.

Jisoo is known for her playful behavior at the airport, often making the best of what can be a stressful experience for many idols.

Jisoo often includes her fellow group members in her lovable antics, including the informal tradition she began last year, encouraging everyone to jump and pose for photos on a pedestrian bridge inside Incheon Airport.

(From left to right) BLACKPINK’s Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé (Jennie had arrived separately). | @bimong_fancam/Twitter

Jisoo flew solo to attend her individual schedule this time, but that didn’t stop her from trying to have fun with those around her.

While posing for photos, Jisoo encouraged her staff to join her. One of the team members briefly joined Jisoo in waving for cameras until Jisoo began gesturing more enthusiastically, at which point she hid behind another team member.

| @sooyashosie/Twitter   

When they approached a pedestrian bridge, Jisoo noticed the staff member again waving out of the corner of her eye and hilariously called her out for posing without her.

| @sooyashosie/Twitter 

BLINKs couldn’t help sharing the adorable moment, which heartwarmingly showcases Jisoo’s naturally funny and sweet personality.

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