BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Has Photographers Literally Fighting Over Her At Paris Fashion Week

Even professionals are desperate to see Jisoo.

BLACKPINK Jisoo‘s popularity is truly unmatched and has been proven in an extreme way!

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | Cartier

Jisoo, also known as “human DIOR,” has been one of the brand’s most popular ambassadors and is constantly impressed with her looks.




As a testament to this popularity, any of her appearances at DIOR’s events have been highly anticipated, with even Western celebrities marveling at her and her main event energy.

“The Star of Stars” — BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Leaves Western Celebrities In Awe Of Her Power At DIOR Event

Jisoo’s popularity was proven once again at the latest DIOR Fashion Week event.

On February 27, Jisoo attended the DIOR’s Paris Fashion Week event. From the start, the idol looked gorgeous, rocking a blazer dress and surprising fans with the look. Her hair was pulled into cute pigtails, contrasting the more serious look.

| @Dathhh/Instagram


However, most fans could not get a great look at her outfit as she entered the event’s venue. This is because the idol was surrounded from the moment she appeared, as photographers tried to get their photos of the idol.

Of course, Jisoo made sure fans could see her for a moment, at least partially, waving to the crowds waiting.

Once inside, her popularity was apparent as media outlets clamored to get just a glimpse at her. This was made more difficult as Jisoo was escorted in personally by Mathilde Favier, DIOR’s PR Manager, and a host of security to her seat.

This was for a good reason, as Jisoo had some photographers fighting during one portion of her entrance! In a clip shared, photographers can be heard apologizing to Jisoo as another voice instructs them to stop pushing each other.

The photographers were struggling to keep their place near Jisoo’s seat, leading to the pushing and struggling that took place.

Jisoo was safe, as plenty of security guards prevented anyone from getting too close to her. Fans were grateful for this, which testified to her popularity!


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