BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Met BLINKs During Paris Fashion Week, And Her Reaction Showcases Her True Personality

These BLINKs are living the dream!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo has recently been taking the internet by storm after she arrived in Paris for Paris Fashion Week as the ambassador for Dior. There is no denying that Jisoo steals the hearts of fans on a regular basis, but something about the idol in Paris has been rightly making headlines and showcasing Jisoo’s true personality.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @sooyaa__/ Instagram

When she first arrived at the airport, looking flawless with her new hair, she was gracious, greeting all the fans and media at the airport.

She even gained attention after showcasing her true personality when landing in Paris. Like many celebrities, Jisoo took the VIP exit, allowing for a quick getaway. However, instead of leaving, she chose to pull over and greet fans, showing how much she truly missed them!

She also signed an album for a fan who was waiting for her…

Even during the Dior event on March 1, Jisoo embraced her “rockstar” welcome by making sure to wave and greet both the media and those fans who had come out to catch a glimpse of the idol.


Well, it seems like there is no end to just how genuine and kid Jisoo is as a person. After the show, Jisoo made use of her time in Paris and did some sightseeing. Yet, despite being one of the biggest K-Pop idols in the world, she continued to show grace and love to fans if they saw her.

One fan shared that they saw Jisoo after the show. Rather than shy away, even behind a mask, it was easy to see Jisoo’s huge smile as she waved to the fans.

| @xxrjycxx/ Twitter
| @xxrjycxx/ Twitter
| @xxrjycxx/ Twitter

If the pictures weren’t cute enough, the video shot of Jisoo showcased her playfulness even after a long day.

| @xxrjycxx/ Twitter 

Other fans had similar experiences with Jisoo.

In a video shared on Twitter, with over 100,00 views, user @Liviaibr_ showed Jisoo waving and blowing kisses to fans who met her in the streets. Not only was Jisoo showcasing perfect behavior, but the BLINKs were calm and respectful of the idol’s space.

| @Liviaibr_/ Twitter 

When the images and videos were shared, fans couldn’t stop praising Jisoo for being so kind to BLINKs. In particular, they shared just how much it showcased the idol’s true and caring personality.

As expected, one of the golden girls of K-Pop once again proves why fans love her. Jisoo will probably have more time to spend in Paris. Hopefully, BLINKs will catch a glimpse of her and allow her to enjoy some time for herself.

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