BLACKPINK Fans Terrorize DIOR BEAUTY’s Instagram Over The Latest #MissDior Exhibition Post

Did DIOR do Jisoo wrong? Or are the fans overreacting?

In celebration of the #MissDior Exhibition happening in Korea, DIOR BEAUTY shared a series of photos via Instagram

#MissDior Exhibition in Seoul, Korea. | @diorbeauty/Instagram

…highlighting the K-Celebs who attended the exhibition as the brand’s ambassadors.

From the South Korean figure skating legend Kim Yuna to BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo, as well as 2PM‘s Junho, NewJeansHaerin, and actor Jung Hae In, the post showed deep appreciation for the stars endorsing DIOR and making the brand shine.

The post, however, sparked some heated reactions from BLACKPINK fans who grew upset over the fact that Jisoo appeared in the second slide and not the first.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @diorbeauty/Instagram

These fans flooded the comments section with harsh criticism, pointing out that DIOR should have prioritized Jisoo—the “global ambassador”—over all others.

| @diorbeauty/Instagram
| @diorbeauty/Instagram

In response, Kim Yuna fans and other Korean netizens called out BLACKPINK fans for taking things too far. Over 1.5K comments accumulated under a theqoo post discussing what had happened between BLACKPINK fans and DIOR BEAUTY.

While some agreed that, on platforms like Instagram, the order of photos do absolutely matter, most defended Kim Yuna as DIOR’s House Ambassador. A lot of comments pointed out that the figure skating queen, too, deserves the first slide spot as much as the K-Pop superstar, regardless of their levels (or sizes) of ambassadorship.

| theqoo
  • “Don’t f*ck with Yuna… [Jisoo’s] career cannot compare.”
  • “If I were in charge of DIOR BEAUTY’s Instagram feed, and I had a literal living legend visit an event, I’d be all over that REGARDLESS of ambassadorship or whatever. I’d use that official account like a fan page for sure.”
  • “Jisoo might be well-known in the K-Pop world. But Kim Yuna is well-known around the world as a representative of Korea. She’s on a different level… This whole thing makes no sense. Also… If we REALLY wanted to talk about K-Pop careers, BLACKPINK has BTS to top first. Haha.”
  • “It’s not like these ambassadorships last a lifetime. It’s sad how some fans are so pressed about the order of some Instagram photos. Like, wow… What is it about Kim Yuna that’s making them so upset? These people need to stop disrespecting the career that Kim Yuna has accomplished.”
  • “I’m bamboozled, TBH. Haha.”
  • “What’s wrong with them? LMAO.”

Not too long after the uproar, DIOR BEAUTY did share a string of Jisoo-centric posts…

DIOR BEAUTY’s Instagram feed. | @diorbeauty/Instagram

…though it is unknown whether the uploads had been scheduled before the backlash or after in response.

DIOR BEAUTY has not made additional statements regarding the matter; Though the battle between BLACKPINK fans and the rest of the internet remain fierce.

| theqoo
  • “I do wonder what made them choose that particular order of photos to post. The order does matter. And Jisoo has, almost ALWAYS, been the first slide. It makes sense that people are asking.”
  • “So full of themselves… I feel bad for these people. Leave it to the social media coordinator to figure it out. DIOR knows what it’s doing. Don’t be going around taking it out on living legends.”
  • “There’s no reason for Jisoo’s career to be spoken down on in comparison to Kim Yuna’s either. Neither of their careers are short of amazing. It is true that Jisoo is one of the most regarded ambassadors that DIOR adores. I think it’s hilarious how these comments are so mad at each other over this, though.”
Source: Sports Chosun and theqoo (1) and (2)