BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Flexes Big Time With A Birthday Gift For Her Close Friend

Young and rich, pretty and kind!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo flexed big time for her friend’s birthday recently. One of her closest friends, Trinity (formerly of GLAM), had her birthday recently. Jisoo of course, celebrated it with her! Jisoo posted on her personal Instagram, an adorable snapshot of the two in a fancy restaurant.

Her friend had also posted a photo of the present that Jisoo had treated her to. Fans later realized that the bag cost a whopping $4741 USD! The bag was part of Dior’s classic line of Lady Dior bags.

| L: @y_ar1492/Instagram, R: Dior

Even for a huge superstar, $5000 is not easy cash to blow. Jisoo sure does treat her friends with kindness! As expected from our rabbit-turtle princess! Not only is she young and rich, she’s also kind and pretty. Trinity is now active as a model and goes by the name of Yoon Ah Rong.