BLACKPINK Jisoo’s “FLOWER” Performance Clip Goes Viral, But There’s A Twist

“… Are distracting.”

BLACKPINK fans are loving Jisoo‘s solo debut, “FLOWER.”


Whether Jisoo was astounding fans with her breathtaking performance video…

Or her captivating Coachella 2023 stage, fans have been enjoying every one of Jisoo’s live performances of the catchy track.

And one fancam of Jisoo, in particular, is going viral, except not for the reason fans might expect.

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Although there’s no denying that Jisoo captures fans’ attention the moment, she steps on stage…

The “FLOWER” dancers have been giving their all to every performance of the song and even the TikTok challenges.


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So it’s not too surprising that in Jisoo’s viral fancam that while many fans are still focused on her immense charisma and skill…

Others are paying extra attention to the dancers, specifically the Kwon twins.

The Kwon twins have been a part of all of BLACKPINK’s solo debuts and have always fully committed to their performances, so, unsurprisingly, BLINKs are excited to see them on stage.

No matter who you’re watching in the viral clip, you won’t be able to look away.

You can read about the Kwon twins here.

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