BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Seemingly Forgets That She’s Actually Rich

She will always have the “hustle” mentality!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo recently treated fans to a vlog capturing her memories in New York City.

She hit some signature attractions, such as seeing the Lion King…

…and explored to find some delicious food!

The one thing she couldn’t miss was seeing the Statue of Liberty.

After purchasing tickets for a boat ride to the statue, she excitedly got on board…

…and couldn’t help but make a few jokes about driving the boat! However, the part that BLINKs loved most showed just how frugal Jisoo really is.

After checking out the menu, she learned that the first drink is free. In order to get her money’s worth of the trip, she was set on getting the most expensive drink.

She revealed that she really wanted a coffee, but since a coffee was only $3, it was out of the question!

In the end, she settled on champagne and mimosas with the staff — and even then, they only got one champagne since it’s the priciest drink!

Despite being rich, Jisoo is just like us and loves getting the best bang for her buck!

Watch the full vlog below.