BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Continues To Show Her Love Of Hello Kitty, Answering A Fan’s Question In The Best Way

Hopefully she’ll be able to get the new items!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo was the first member to have her teaser released for the group’s upcoming title track, “Shut Down.”

Jisoo | @BLACKPINK/Twitter

Fans loved her styling in the teaser image.

Especially when they noticed that despite her fierce image, the idol actually had adorable Hello Kitty themed nails.

Jisoo recently showed off her love for all things Hello Kitty when the group traveled to New York for the 2022 Video Music Awards (VMAs). She had the same adorable nails for her performance.

| @sooyaaa_/Instagram

And she also showed off her adorable phone case.

| @sooyaaa_/Instagram

And headphones.

She also seemingly brought a Hello Kitty plushie with her for her travels.

And visited a Hello Kitty themed store when in Japan for her Cartier event.

And has even used a Hello Kitty filter on Instagram.

Given the idol’s apparent love of everything Hello Kitty, a fan took to Weverse to ask if Jisoo had seen the upcoming Adidas and Hello Kitty collaboration. Which not only had the idol seen the collaboration, but Jisoo seems already determined to buy the sneakers.



Fan: Did you see Adidas X Hello Kitty collab??

Jisoo: It’s going to be mine..

Of course, no one is surprised that Jisoo wants to get the adorable sneakers.

And since BLACKPINK has collaborated with Adidas in the past, hopefully, Jisoo will be able to get this new Hello Kitty merchandise.

Source: @xx_turtle_/Twitter


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