BLACKPINK’s Dancer Spills On Why Jisoo Is A “Crucial” Member Of The Group

“I think she is really crucial to this team.”

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is well-renowned for her goddess-like visuals, which even one of the BORN PINK world tour dancers admits are unparalleled.

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And the idol is also continually showing off her incredible talents as a performer, like with her solo stage at the group’s world tour, which had even gotten a shout-out from the original singer, Camila Cabello.

In a recent video, Will Han, who not only danced alongside Jisoo during the BORN PINK stages but was a part of her solo debut “FLOWER” music video, opened up about how talented Jisoo is as an idol.

Another dancer Sang Hyun Yoon, directly asked Will Han what he thinks about Jisoo as an idol since she continually receives hate comments for her skills. Of course, the more popular a group or artist is, the more hate they receive, along with the immense support they get in their popularity. Thus, regardless of skill, any idol is subjected to unnecessary hate.

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But Will Han quickly emphasized that despite what any hate comments might say, there is one thing about Jisoo that stands out from any other artist he’s worked with.

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Even during their hectic world tour schedule, Jisoo would always make the time to prepare for her upcoming solo debut and work to show an improved side of herself at every concert.

During our tour, if we left the country on Friday and perform on Saturday and Sunday, we usually come back on Monday. As soon as we return on Monday, by Thursday, the music video has already been shot. But she is still practicing every day to show the people a better version of herself. You know that it’s really difficult.

— Will Han

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And as far as Jisoo’s work as BLACKPINK, Will Han believes she’s essential for “balancing the strong traits of” the other members.

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In Will Han’s opinion, Jisoo also becomes essential with her sense of humor.

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And is a “crucial” member of BLACKPINK.

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If there’s one thing that Will Han hopes netizens know about Jisoo’s skill, it’s that she’s always working hard.

Ever since her debut, Jisoo has been working so hard. I just hope everybody will know that she’s trying her best to become even more skillful.

— Will Han

Similarly, Will Han believes that Jisoo’s image only helps make her a better performer on stage. Not only is the idol an incredible visual, but her charisma and “aura” make for more captivating stages.

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Ultimately, “There is a reason that she is a member of BLACKPINK.”

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